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Our Story

Insured, Bonded and WCB

We are committed to the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products. We use only best products, and we match our products to the specific needs of each job.

We use the latest cleaning equipment available, whether for general cleaning or specialized tasks.

All our staff are trained in proper equipment operation and cleaning techniques when they join the company.

Serving Edmonton, Nisku, Sherwood Park,
Fort Saskatchewan and St. Albert


Excellence Generated By Top Quality Workmanship and Client Satisfaction

Quality: Every job is a staff portrait of the performing company.

Client Satisfaction: Satisfied customers are the most important assets of our business. We understand your needs and expectation and we serve with honesty and competence.

Excellence: Going far beyond the call of duty, maintaining highest standards, taking care of smallest details, and going the extra mile.

Office Cleaner

Managed By
Rick Amer 

Let’s Work Together

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